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We can offer you the most economical solutions for your concrete forming tasks. and engineering service provider, we make our know-how available to you. For each phase of your building project we offer you detailed and feasible formwork and shoring solutions.

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Together with our long-term trading partners, our products and services are available to you in more than 20 countries world-wide.

Innovative Concrete Formwork and Support Systems with a High Return on Investment

FORMWORK1Systems the worldwide specialist for concrete formwork, support systems and FORMWORK1Systems design software, elements in order to produce precise inventories of formwork elements. Each formwork element recorded in Indent receives an electronic number, thus giving it its own distinct identification. In doing so, FORMWORK1Systems IDENT provides “High flexibility and efficiency combined with occupational safety are the key competitive factors in the present-day concrete construction industry”.

FORMWORK1Systems is committed to excellence in wastewater planning, management, and engineering. With a professional practice dating back to 1999, wastewater is one of FORMWORK1Systems core service offerings. Our specialists plan, design, and implement wastewater collection and treatment facilities for municipalities and regional utility authorities throughout the United States and Canada. One of our missions is to provide our clients with durable, efficient, and sustainable solutions to their wastewater engineering needs, while maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, formworks service offerings, combined with an emphasis on utilities and environment, makes us particularly qualified to support our client's site development projects. The core skills that we can apply to land development projects include civil, site, municipal, and environmental engineering. In addition, we support our clients with land planning, landscape architecture, wetland/ecological, recreation, and environmental services. These skills are routinely utilized to address the site needs for water, wastewater capacity, storm water and drainage, physical layout, permitting, open space, recreation, and project implementation. these offerings to engineer a site for a client's application, or to add specialized value to an existing site development team.

Today's dynamic and interdependent world of global trade and freight transportation requires a comprehensive and innovative approach to problem solving. FORMWORK1systems offers a full range of world-class solutions throughout North America in planning, design, and construction management for the logistics supply chain from ports and harbors, to railroads, highways, bridges, and In addition to multimodal expertise, FORMWORK1systems capabilities meet a variety of marine, port, and freight transportation needs from berths and facilities, container and cruise terminals, to commodity bulk and break-bulk facilities, and small craft harbors. HMM also brings strong functional expertise in environmental planning and coastal engineering, including permitting, breakwaters, dredging and dredge material disposal and reuse, land use planning, . Finally, we offer a number of value-added conventional project delivery mechanisms such as construction and program management, as well as alternative project delivery strategies including Public Private Partnerships and asset development.

Coastal Engineering
FORMWORK1systems solutions for coastal protection that enhance the environment and provide practical, efficient, and economically appropriate capital and maintenance costs. experience includes the development of shoreline management and remediation plans, breakwaters, coastal and tidal engineering as well as dredging and dredge material disposal strategies Implementation of these programs.

Marine & Port Planning
Innovative marine engineering design and effective project management can greatly assist in the timely delivery of port infrastructure and enhance operational performance. assessments to docks and wharves and port facility design. FORMWORK1systems provides a range of cost-effective engineering options to meet port development and operational requirements, both for Green sites and existing infrastructure. HMM does not view marine and port planning in isolation, but offers an integrated total-solution package that incorporates a wide range of value added services that address the port facility owner's interests, from navigation channel through the terminal facility to inland road and rail connectivity.

Port Logistics & Connecting Transportation Infrastructure
Meeting freight transportation demands in today's global economy requires modern infrastructure design, development and operations, as well as close coordination between all parties involved in the supply chain. FORMWORK1systems provides a full range of solutions for assessing and addressing transportation infrastructure components that together determine effective efficient port logistics, regardless of cargo type, facility size, or developmental/operational complexity. Our capabilities are world-distribution the land side of the terminal facility, FORMWORK1systems team will provide innovative and customer responsive solutions to a transportation infrastructure needs, whether those solutions involve railroads or highways and roads, bridges total solutions approach will also integrate our systems, safety, and security expertise. Our goals to increase efficiency and reduce costs, both on-dock and throughout the supply chain, improving utilization of resources and assets.

The design process begins with a consultant-client dialogue to determine project goals, identify the scope of the project, establish the financial model, and evaluate anticipated results. We subsequently move forward with the conceptual design of the building integrated with the site plan. Through a series of sequential planning phases, the building design transitions from simple concept to detailed design ready for construction. FORMWORK1systems engineers offer various services through the construction process to assure the building is being constructed according to final design and in compliance with local codes and ordinances.

Whenever appropriate, specialized consultants such as acoustic engineers are added to the design team for their unique knowledge regarding technically challenging design issues.

FORMWORK1Systems works with its clients to ensure these rules, codes, and regulations are met, as well as, codes and regulations from federal and state agencies. Our staff remains current on the changes that affect different building categories and develop site and space plans accordingly.

FORMWORK1Systems with our in-house Engineering Group to seamlessly integrate the building design with the structural system. The team works together to provide efficient and consistent designs based on knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of worldwide designed projects. Engineering design analysis is continually updated to reflect code changes and revisions. Personnel maintain memberships in professional organizations, keeping current knowledge of structural analysis and design in all areas of concrete and structural steel design.