The software Indent, which is optimized for the use of the RFID technology, is a development produced by the T Group company that is specialized in software development. For the first time ever in the domain of formwork technology, this software enables the users to separately mark, record and manage individual formwork elements. By integrating the RFID technology into formwork elements, Indent provides investors with benefits both in the field of funding and for inventory management as a whole, as well as where upgrades to Investors that choose the leasing of formwork products with Indent profit from the high quality, functionality and durability of the formwork systems, from the numerous advantages of leasing and from the distinct identification of each individual formwork element by. While the leasing provides an increased number of liquidity effects and a higher level of flexibility and planning reliability, Indent provides banks with the required security for leasing and loan agreements.

Professional software for the administration of equipment and machines.

ERP-rental is compatible with both PPL and PPpro. This allows material lists of the formwork program to be fully and completely imported. The basis of ERPrental is found in the ERP software Inform ERP LN. Thus, other areas such as manufacturing, purchasing, bookkeeping and so forth, can be integrated at any time.

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